Every year, we work with external partners and cultural collaborators on a range of projects including residencies, educational and exploratory collaborations.

We are currently working with The Arts Catalyst (9 EVENINGS: THEATRE AND ENGINEERING REVISITED, 1966/2016) and the Government Office for Science (GO Science).

Animate Projects is curating and producing Silent Signal, a project that brings together six artists and six scientists to create experimental animations for gallery and online exhibition that will immerse the viewer in the networked worlds of organic communication. MA Art & Science is a project partner; in 2015/16, some of our students will be working to extend the art/science collaborations with young collaborators. We will also be hosting public screenings and experimental workshops in association with Silent Signal.

Ideographic is a residency with The Cube London (a curated, interdisciplinary community). Comprised of six artists and scientists from MA Art & Science, the ideographic team aims to answer a question: Is there a correlation between spikes in human evolution and cultures with an alliance of art and science? Working between January – June 2015, the students have explored the relation between interdisciplinary behaviour in social organisms, and periods of change, innovation and growth. Looking at biological, cultural and technological evolutions in historic societies and contemporary ones, they are trying to identify shared principles for periods of social dynamism and progress. The residency involves public discussion events, exhibitions and interventions.

The MA Art and Science is proud to be affiliated with Leonardo and a partner in the LASER series of art and science talks.

The Leonardo Affiliate Program provides a collaborative environment where leaders from top-ranked universities and independent nonprofits in the cross-disciplinary field of art, science and technology can interface and share best practices, research and opportunities with their peers across institutional boundaries.

Affiliates are Leonardo’s strategic partners, valued members of an exclusive international network of innovative institutions, academic departments, museums, science labs and research centers that are leading the advancement of art, science and technology. Affiliates engage with their peers and Leonardo’s leadership in multiple new areas of research, creative work and programs at the forefront of the field that Leonardo helped launch nearly 50 years ago.


LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) is Leonardo/ISAST’s international program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversation with an audience. Launched in 2008 in the San Francisco Bay Area, LASERs are now presented at over a dozen venues internationally: University of San Francisco; Stanford University; UC Berkeley; UCLA; UC Davis; UC Santa Cruz; LevyArts, New York; the National Academy of Sciences, DC; University of the Arts London and University of Westminster; University of Toronto; University of Puget Sound, WA; Kansas State University; Hexagram/Montreal.

For information about LASER talks in London visit:


Mona Choo, Encounters

Encounters between Art and Science at the British Library

Reflecting the cross-disciplinary nature of the British Library as an institution that spans the arts and sciences, in 2013 MA Art & Science presented an exhibition of works inspired by the Library and its science collections.

Addressing all who visit, research and work there, the artistic interventions installed across public spaces highlighted how science and art have more in common than may seem apparent. Directed by a map, visitors could navigate the public spaces to encounter the thought-provoking artworks.

Reflecting on Encounters between Art and Scienceby Johanna Kieniewicz