Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research degrees in art and design in the UK. The MA Art and Science offers a structured opportunity to investigate the contemporary and historical context of art and science, embracing the spectrum of inquiry, interaction, and creative endeavour.

Through their work, artists and scientists contribute to a greater understanding of what it is to be human and how we relate to the world around us: both require creative insight in their quest for knowledge and the desire to communicate. This course explores research and practice across diverse disciplinary fields and interrogates the social and cultural implications of discovery and invention.

We welcome applications from across the art and science spectrum.

For information about the course and application process please visit the UAL course website.

If you’re interested in applying for MA Art and Science, register to attend one of our Open Days:
Monday 4 December, 2pm
Monday 29 January, 2pm
Tuesday 13 February, 2pm
Monday 26 February, 2pm


Course Leader:
Nathan Cohen

Pathway Leader:
Heather Barnett

Associate Lecturers:
Adrian Holme
Roberta Ballestriero
Susan Aldworth
Tamsin van Essen

Visiting Tutors:
Andy Charalambous

Research Associates:
Paul Caro (2016>)
Joey O’Gorman (2011 – 2016)


Class of 2017
Agnese Basova // Josh Chow // Monika Dorniak // Michelle von Mandel // Maria Macc // Juan Perez // Leon Radschinski-Gorman // Virginie Serneels // Iting Shih // Hannah Scott // Heather Scott // Nicolas Strappini // Neus Torres Tamarit // Yu-Ji

Class of 2016
Aleksandra Borys // Lorraine Clarke // Lucy Crowder // Julius Colwyn // Sarah Craske // Mellissa Fisher // Stephanie Herbert // Mandy Hreus // Keun Wook Ji // Peiwen Li // Silvia Krupinska // Mary Helen Mack // Marta Pinilla Martinez // Carla Mancillas Serna // Grace Stokes // Jana Valencic // Mira Varg// Jennifer Walsh // Charlotte Whiston // Stephanie Wong

Class of 2015
Kyra B.C. Altmann // Daniel Simon Ayat // Tracy Barakat // Sandra Berghianu // Alice Cazenave // Jazz Szu­Ying Chen // Jared Vaughan Davis // Crow Dillon­Parkin // Vivienne Du // Emma Eagle // Libby Heaney // Jing Hu // Sivan Lavie // Marie­-Pier Malouin // Miena Mizusaki // Yuwen Qin // Morfydd Ransom­Hall // Samuel Ivan Roberts // May Turner

Class of 2014
Jean Baynham // Susan Beattie // Vera Bohl // Andy Flett // JJ Hastings // Sarah Hull // May Yeonok Jang // June Jung // Charlotte Wendy Law // Lingbo Liu // Roderick Macleod // Holly Owen // Rebecca Price // Kristina Pulejkova // Boris Raux // Brandon Scott // Stéphane Verlet­ Bottéro

Class of 2013
Louise Beer // Mona Choo // Anita Chowdry // Eleanor Fawccett
 // Lauren Franklin // Luke Franklin // Liz Hainsworth // Christiana Kazakou // Melanie King // Becky Lyddon // Nedyalka Panova // Rose Pickles // Serena Porrati // Rafaela Rocha // Marta Santuccio // Myrianthe G. Sozou // Xiuyu Qiu // Aga Tamiola